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MoonChyld’s Entertainment – True Blood: My Favorite Moments

on August 30, 2014

These great group of people have given us so many of our favorite moments on television. (Taken at The San Diego Comic Con 2014)

Now that this wonderful show has come to a close, we will not forget some of the moments that have made us want to tune in every week for something new. Not to mention wanting to view them on Demand or when the episodes were rebroadcasted for us to watch again and again. These are the moments I am happy to share with you – along with the name of the episode associated with moment – that have made me love the show and come back for more. I’m confident that some of them are your favorites as well.

**These are not in any order of most to least favorite; they are all equally my favorites. If there is a favorite moment you would like to add feel free to leave it in the comments section. – Thank you**

Miss Bodehouse & Miss Fortenberry (looking up) were mesmerized by Alcide’s vibe.

Maxine Fortenberry & Jade Bodehouse Take In the Essence of Alcide – Life Matters (Season6, Ep. 9)

While people were being seated for Terry’s funeral, Sookie was sitting next to Miss Bodehouse who was sitting next to Miss Fortenberry. Alcide noticed an available seat next to Sookie but she was saving it for Jason. Alcide understood and said he would see her after the services. The second after he left the ladies were mesmerized by the werewolf:

Miss Bodehouse: Now he smells like a man!

Miss Fortenberry: Yes he does! (Looking at Sookie) Who is he?!

Even the viewers had the same reaction as Sookie; except we were able to laugh without actual distraction.

Eric may be headstrong but the death of her maker showed that he can also be very caring.

Eric Loses His Maker…. – I Will Rise Up (Season 2, Ep. 9)

After being rescued from the Fellowship of the Sun by Sookie & Eric, Godric expressed that while he was held captive that it gave him time to think about how he felt the life of a vampire wasn’t one of purity. He felt it was his time to meet the sun and no longer be of this world. Eric tried to reason with him to stay and didn’t want to lose him. Godric told him he would be ok and Sookie promised Eric that she would stay with his maker till the end. And just as the sun was beginning to rise, Eric gave his teary goodbye and left; leaving Sookie to watch Godric perish in the sun.

Eric was there for Nora in her time of need twice. The second time wasn’t so successful.

….And His Sister – In the Evening (Season 6, Ep. 7)

While in the vampire camp, scientists were studying the effects of the Hep-V virus on the vamps and Nora (Godric turned her as well – hence her being Eric’s sister) was one of the first test subjects. She was injected with the virus right in front of Eric who was under restraints while locked in a glass case. He could see how the virus was coursing its way through her veins. He managed to get her out of there and back to Bill’s who had Lilith’s blood in his system seeking help. Bill was unable to do so and Eric made his sister as comfortable as possible. In the last few moments he held her in his arms and as she “melted away” he let out a heartbreaking cry. He definitely gained more motivation to destroying all involved with the virus and her death.

We knew Lafayette had a unique eye for fashion. But this suit right here solidified it!!

Lafayette Speaks at Terry’s Funeral – Life Matters (Season 6, Ep. 9)

Not that we didn’t already know that Lafayette had a unique sense of style, but when he stepped to the podium to say a few words about Terry it can be certain that there were more than enough double takes to the screen. He could have been on the cover of GQ with that suit on! He was too hot!!

Do the dip like Lafayette when you make the fries Terry.

To top it off, the moment he shares about Terry involved a way to make fries as only Lafayette can show him – “So I like to just do a little dip like that.”

Andy’s daughters kept growing…

And growing….

And growing!!

My, They Grow Up So Fast – Who Are You Really?, You’re No Good & At Last (Season ,6 Eps. 1, 3, & 4 respectively)

They certainly did. The four girls that Andy conceived with Maurella went through puberty faster than Krypton native Kal-El. Unfortunately, the sisterly bond didn’t last very long due to Jessica’s undeniable attraction to the scent of their blood; all but one – Adilyn – perished.

Sam showed that he was really “fly” for a white guy.

Sam’s Big Outburst – Save Yourself (Season 5, Ep.12)

Sam and then-girlfriend Luna were rescuing her daughter from the Vampire Authority. Luna shifted herself into the form of Steven Newlin so that she can easily get her daughter back. She was then forced to speak – still in the form of Steven – on behalf of the American Vampire League to the news by an unsuspecting Chancellor Rosalyn. However Luna’s system, it appeared, didn’t take the change well and as hard as she tried to maintain being the former reverend; she reverted back to herself. She then exposed The Authority’s plans for the world on camera while Sam was in the form of a housefly. Before the Chancellor could move in to attack Luna, Sam flew into her mouth and went back into human form, making her last moment on Earth an explosive one. Good thing too, she talked entirely too much.

Arlene really needs to talk to Tara, but Lafayette has to finish his work of art.

Arlene’s Girl Talk with Tara – Release Me (Season 2, Ep. 7)

Arlene takes Tara into the ladies room at Merlotte’s and tells her of a possibility that she may have date raped Terry. Even Tara couldn’t possibly visualize that happening. What makes this a favorite moment is the way Arlene tries to explain the situation. It’s hilarious when she stressfully whispers when she’s on edge.

Tara: “You date raped Terry? How is that even possible?!?”

Maurella had an erotic experience giving birth. Much to the surprise of Holly, Andy & their friends.

The Most Orgasmic Birth – EVER! – Save Yourself (Season 5, Ep. 12)

One night, while looking for Terry, Andy meets a faerie named Maurella who for whatever reason felt he was a good candidate to procreate with. Not even a week goes by and she finds him (with Holly & Arlene) at Merlotte’s looking very pregnant. It’s at the Bar& Grill where she gives birth to 4 girls in a matter of minutes. Upon giving birth to the fourth baby girl she belted out such a moan that it not only broke the beer bottles but you would think someone hit a VERY special spot in her. Then after she was done, she hoped off the table, brushed herself off and wished Andy Bellefleur – as she could call him in her tone – luck in raising their children. If giving birth was that simple, this world would be overpopulated.

Arlene may have had one too many shots with Sookie but it as the start of a beautiful relationship with Keith.

Party Time at Sookie’s – Lost Cause (Season 7, Ep. 5)

After defeating the Hep-V vamps and rescuing the remaining hostages at Fangtasia, a few of Sookie’s friends – including Alcide’s father Jackson – decide as Lafayette said “celebrate life.” And celebrate they did! So much so that Sookie & Arlene were downing shots when Keith – he treated Arlene from the infected vamp attack – spots them and walks over to them. He would go on to say:

“Sookie, would you please tell your friend Arlene here that I think she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in over 300 years? And I’ll see her in her dreams.”

And in Arlene fashion, she replied with her buzz from the shots:

“Um…I have to go make tinkle. Because, you know, I am a human.”

Can get any better than that right?

Ginger is a one of a kind screamer. Even Eric knows it’s distinctive.

The Town Screamer – Just about any episode Ginger has been in

Ginger, the loyal subservient of Eric and Pam, had a scream that even a dog would respond to like a whistle. But for some hilarious reason her screams are a defining part of her personality. It’s so distinctive that Eric knew right away at the vamp camp that she was one of the prisoners there. She is an honorary scream queen. How shocked were you to find out Fangtasia was her brainchild?

Russell had his own brand of news to give to the world.

Russell Edgington Addresses the World – Everything is Broken (Season 3, Ep. 9)

After Russell discovered his lover’s remains all over the floor of the study when he came home, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He did just that on worldwide news after pulling the spine out of an anchorman. He then gave a searing vow to destroy the human race and betrays his own kind by way of the American Vampire League. While he is giving his diatribe to the world Nan Flanagan is in her limo and looks on in fear – a rarity for her. The best part is when after he finished his rant he turns to another camera and says, “Now time for the weather. Tiffany?” Classic!!

They had a storybook beginning, lost each other somewhere in the middle but mange to have a happy ending.

Jessica & Hoyt’s First Meeting – Scratches (Season 2, Ep. 3)

A short while after Jessica was turned she went into Merlotte’s for the first time and sat alone in a booth. Soon after, Hoyt came in and sat in the next booth facing her and was amazed at the view from his seat. When she noticed his stare they were the only ones in the restaurant as far as they were concerned. She was still that innocent young girl who even though she was now a vampire – she blushed at Hoyt complementing her smile – so sweet. It looked as though they were going to have a happy life together. That was until Jason admitted sleeping with her and Hoyt’s mother stepping in on the budding relationship and refused to cut the cord if you follow me.

After consuming Lilith's blood, Bill emphasized how hot he really is.

After consuming Lilith’s blood, Bill emphasized how hot he really is.

Bill’s Bloody Inferno – Who Are You Really? (Season 6, Ep. 1)

When he took in all of Lilith’s blood he became an all powerful vampire. When Sookie and Eric ran from him as the building of The Authority was engulfed in flames. Once they are in Eric’s car (Nora, Pam, Tara, Jason & Jessica are in the car as well) they see someone walking through the flames and realize it was Bill. He’s covered from head to toe in blood; looking like Carrie (the original) after the prom.

Eric enjoyed a good book and soaking in the sun. too bad it was short-lived.

Eric’s Moment of Solitude – Radioactive (Season 6, Ep. 10)

Still having Warlow’s blood in his system & still mourning the loss of Nora & Godric, Eric leaves Bon Temps and is later seen on a snowcapped mountain in his native Sweden au natural and reading a book. Now that’s reading!

Jason, Jason, Jason – interesting way to investigate.

CSI According to Deputy Stackhouse – I Found You (Season 7, Ep. 2)

The day after the Massacre at Bellefleur’s, Sookie, Alcide, Andy, Jason and Sam took a trip to Saint Alice; the objective was to investigate what happened in that town after finding the body of one its residents in their neck of the woods. They visit one of the homes there and try to figure out how much time passed before the family was attacked. All Jason did was bite into a slice of cold pizza and instantly narrow it down – “2 and a half days!” Seriously Jason?!?!

The Divas of Merlotte’s get their drink & groove on. Compliments of Lafayette.

Lafayette, Arlene & Holly Share A Moment – Save Yourself (Season 5, Ep. 12)

After dealing with the madness of Tara being turned into a vampire, Russell threatening the lives of humans and conducting séances, Lafayette, wanting things to get back to normal by Bon Temps standards, gets a bright idea. He makes each of them a Cajun Margarita and let loose on some old school music – Dazz by Brick. Dance Lafayette with your bad self!

Steven proclaimed his love for Jason in the very last moment of his life.

Steve Newlin’s Famous Last Words – Life Matters (Season 6, Ep. 9)

While at the vamp camp, Steve’s ex-wife Sarah attempts to kill the vamps (Jessica, Pam, Tara, Willa and Violent are among them) by opening up the rooftop of a secure room that room they have been put into so the sun can come in and burn them. Only to find them feeding off Warlow’s blood from Bill. Steven tried to get in where he fit in but it wasn’t meant to be; Eric finalized that notion. Just when it looked like Steven was going to try another maneuver, Eric zipped into the room and grabbed him by the neck. He refused Steven’s pleas and Bill’s suggestion to let him drink the blood with the others. Instead, Eric takes him into the light. As he feels the sun burning on his skin, he’s looks up and says “I love you” with Sarah looking back at him thinking he’s talking to her – not likely. Before anyone knew it he said, “Jason Stackhouse!” and burst into a fiery puddle of vamp blood. Jason’s dumbfounded reaction brought the moment home.

Even after 15 years Ginger has never given up on her quest to bed Eric.

Ginger’s Last Cry – Lost Cause (Season 7, Ep. 5)

After the demise of the infected vamps and the cleanup of Fangtasia, Eric tells Ginger that he and Pam are headed to Dallas to locate Sarah’s sister Amber. It didn’t take long for that to register because she made it a point to let Eric know how she felt. She was so heated while venting how she has been with them for 15 years and had yet to be intimate with him. She basically demanded it happen or she goes with them to Dallas. Eric then informed her that he is infected; she came back with a big smile on her face and said “So am I.” Both Eric had a look of disgust and Pam just smirked and shook her head. The next thing you know they were being loaded onto a van to go to the airport with Ginger screaming on Eric’s coffin for them to take her with them. It was something right out of a comical funeral scene.

Sookie fully confirmed her gift and gave Arlene something no one can take from her – ever.

Sookie Gives Arlene a Gift – Life Matters (Season 6, Ep. 9)

While at Terry’s funeral, there came the moment where the reverend asked Arlene to come up and speak about her late husband. She was still too emotional to go up to the podium and Sookie could hear her thoughts about it. At that moment she decided to go and say a few words; assuring Arlene she heard what her friend was thinking. Before she shared her “Terry story”, she revealed to everyone there that she is a telepath; thus making what she was going to share will make sense. The story she shared was the first night Terry came to work at Merlotte’s and one of their co-workers was flirting with him but he apparently had no interest because his eyes and mind were set on his future wife. While both of the girls left Sookie waiting for an order. She could hear Terry saying how she was the most beautiful he has seen and asked Sookie for their co-worker’s name; of course she told him. Sookie told Arlene that Terry loved her from the very first moment he saw her – “And not too many people can say that they were loved like that. But you can Arlene.” that gave Arlene the strength to speak lovingly about her husband and be strong while doing it.

Violet was just too complicated and arrogant for her own good.

Violet’s Revenge Goes Wrong – May Be The Last Time (Season 7, Ep. 7)

Violet had a strategic plan to exact her revenge on Jessica for sleeping with Jason. Knowing that she had a connection with Adilyn she lures the half-fae and Wade away from Fort Bellefleur to her home; which by the way was a very nice place. But it appears that she wasn’t brought up on the teachings of Revenge Plans for Dummies because she was just one bottle short of a four pack of TruBlood. She explained to a bound and gagged Jason how she was going to punish the four of them. And then there was the pivotal moment in her diatribe where she told Jason how she wanted a more simple life with him and how he was supposed to marvel in the perfect person that she was. It was at that moment that Hoyt mysteriously shows up and saves the day. Maybe she should have watched the James Bond films to figure out that less is more.

Ginger was beyond excited and couldn’t hold it is. that’s what it was.

Ginger Finally Has Her Moment with Eric – Love Is To Die (Season 7, Ep. 9)

Eric returns to the club after seeing Sookie, a fed up Ginger is sitting at the bar because she found out that he was no longer sick. Eric snapped back at her saying that he has spent the evening helping people out with their relationship problems; it was agreed that was it so not like him to do that. Still heated, Eric apologizes if she felt jilted and offers to make it up to her by having sex. Something that would be considered, as far as Ginger was concerned, 15 years in the making is finally going to happen. There was just one hiccup though; the monumental event only lasted a whopping 22.83 seconds. Way to go there Ginger!!

Deep down, Hoyt felt a connection with Jessica. She had the strength to fight for a second chance – it paid off in the end.

Jessica & Hoyt Reunited – Love Is To Die (Season 7, Ep. 9)

Jason told Bridgette – at her request – the story of how Hoyt and Jessica were meant to be together. As he’s telling the story you can hear acceptance in his voice and how he took responsibility in breaking them apart. While this is happening we see Jessica and her first love consummating their reunion (great editing) and the score accompanying the scene was in great contrast to the emotions between the reunited couple.

Eric may have looked a little dorky, but he got the governor’s daughter in the end.

Eric’s Meeting with The Governor – The Sun (Season 6. Ep. 2)

Eric ambushed a representative from the Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, taking his clothes and badge. It was funny to see Eric in this get up. Not just because he was out of his fashionable element but because he looked like the oldest student to ever attend Hogwarts.

Sarah was beyond gone and couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Sarah’s Imagination Get’s The Best of Her – May Be The Last Time (Season 7, Ep. 7)

Although it would be obvious that this would happen, it’s not revealed until the final season that an antidote was made to counteract the Hep-V virus. After healing her sister she fled to the camp previously owned by her and her ex-husband Steven; they used it for revival retreats when they were leaders of The Fellowship of the Sun. She became so delusional that she saw Jason playing football and he was taunting her about her wrongdoings and the inevitable of her demise. Later that night she was visited by not only her ex-husband but also her guru who was decapitated. And speaking of decapitated they brought along the Governor’s head. Jason even came back to taunt her some more – “That’s death coming for ya.” She truly lost it; thinking she was the savior for vampires.

True Blood was such a good show, even Snoop Dogg was a Trubie – showing some love to Sookie.

Snoop Dogg’s Love for Sookie – Oh Sookie Music Video

Although it wasn’t in the show, it is part of the show. Somewhere around season 2 hip hop artist Snoop Dogg shared how he felt about a certain fae with his song and music video “Oh Sookie”. The song is catchy and a nice testament to the show; another example of the artist enjoying the moment as well as the craft that is Hip Hop.

Best Line: Do it in the daytime, Bill won’t know a thing.

Dr. Ludwig (checking on the progression of Bill’s condition) may have been a tough as nails physician but when she discovered who Sookie was related to she hightailed out of the Compton house.

The Toughest Doctor in Bon Temps – May Be The Last Time (Season 7, Ep. 7)

When Sookie called on a doctor to help with Bill’s condition they came rushing by. Only one thing – no one would expect Dr. Ludwig to come out of a fully loaded Hummer that was blaring rock music out of it. She may have been a dwarf but Dr. Ludwig’s personality was gigantic. Her moto was “I fear nothing and no one.” That was until she asked Sookie about her faerie lineage and heard the name Niall. Once she got confirmation that Sookie was related to Niall Brigant, she said with such assertion, “I’m so fuckin’ out of here.” I guess she does fear something and someone; she couldn’t get out of Bill’s house fast enough.

Keith fell for Arlene the second he gave her his blood.

Keith Romances Arlene – Almost Home (Season 7, Ep. 8)

While sitting in Bellefleur’s listening to music, Arlene is visited by Keith. Surprised to see him, she asks if she’s dreaming (she had a steamy dream about them earlier that day). He confirms she’s not and says that he felt her pain. Although she wasn’t in any trouble, he said that her passion can also be pain. Leading her to the dance floor and what begins as a tender moment Arlene pauses to tell Keith that although she understands the sensuality of vampires and as much as she would like to, they can’t be intimate. Keith looks into her eyes and says “Then let’s just dance.” – Romantic indeed.

Eric is back on top and in his element. Why not vibe to some tunes right?

Eric Get’s His Grove Back – Thank You (Series finale)

Now feeling like he’s back on top by eliminating Mr. Gus and his Yakuza crew, Eric takes in the tunes while driving one of their cars with the deceased in the back seat. Rock on Eric…..Rock on.

She didn’t want to let go. Bill knew it. But it had to be done – he felt it was best for her.

The Final Goodbye – Thank You (Season 7 Finale)

No one would have wanted anything more than to see Sookie and Bill end up together more than Sookie herself. Bill however saw it as a life of darkness and wanted much more than that for her. Bill stopped by Sookie’s house after Eric spoke with her regarding permission to call on her. He asked Sookie to use her “light” on him. Sending shock to her system she quickly knew what Bill was asking of her. Of course she didn’t want to do that because she wanted to be with him. He gave her his reasons for this. After Jessica’s wedding to Hoyt, Sookie went to the church to speak with the reverend. Upon getting some sound advice, Sookie decided to respects his wishes. They said their final goodbyes and Sookie decided she didn’t want to use her “light” because it’s a part of who she is and so is he. She asked one last time if he wanted to die – he does. She breaks a shovel in half and takes a piece with her into his grave. Placing it right at his heart, she can’t bring herself to do it. Bill places his hands over hers as if to imply that they will do this together. Looking into each other’s eyes as the deed is done; a teary Sookie is left in a pool of his blood. After burying the man she loved Sookie walk back home alone – taking the memory of Bill Compton with her.

There was no need for a glamour. Pam & Eric can sell just about anything – ok they can sell anything.

New Blood, New Beginning – Thank You (Series Finale)

This has got to be one of Eric Northman’s greatest comedic moments on the show as was introducing the newly synthetic blood drink called New Blood in an infomercial. He & Pam introduced it to the world as a product that would not only cure the Hep-V but is a newly improved drink for vampires; thus keeping the peace between the human and vampire world. He mentioned a team of scientists in Stockholm, Sweden (both Eric’s and Alexander’s home land) were able to synthesize Sarah Newlin’s blood (the cure was in her system) and create this marketable product. The story of how they got Sarah’s blood was interesting at best. It was hilarious because we know they are going outside of the box with their behavior. In addition to that they became billionaires and how nice was it to see them at the NYSE ringing the bell? Looking like a powerhouse business couple.

Side note:

Charlaine Harris has given us a great story and she got a great cast ,show & new fans in return.

Charlaine Harris, the author of The Southern Vampire Mysteries, made a cameo appearance in the New Blood infomercial scene; she was at the control panel (pictured above).

Whether she wants it or not – Steven will always be by her side. Even in the afterlife.

Sarah’s Well Deserved Comeuppance – Thank You (Series Finale)

What would make Sarah think that she was going to be the savior for all vampires and be vindicated for all she has done to them in the past – starting with the kidnapping of Eric’s maker Godric. One would think that Pam prophesized how it would all come to an end for Sarah by saying that she would be a hot commodity for them. She most certainly was. Thanks to her blood, they were able to produce the curable product New Blood (see above) and while the sales of that continue, they are still running their club Fangtasia. Although it looks like business as usual there was an additional feature added to the club. For just a mere $100,000.00 a vampire can feed off of the imprisoned “Messiah” – as she once thought herself as – for one minute; adding more millions to their pockets. Cash only – Pam will not take credit. On top of everything else, she will be haunted by the one and only Steven Newlin – her closeted ex-husband – for the rest of her days.

Life goes on for Sookie, her family and friends – human & vampire alike. Bill would be pleased.

Moving on After Bill – 4 years after New Blood – Thank You (Series Finale)

It’s Thanksgiving and there has been many a changes to the lives of the residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Family and friends meet up at Sookie’s house and we see the fae very pregnant and married. Jason married Bridgette and has 3 little girls; Sam & Nicole arrive from Chicago with their two children. During the day, everyone is paling around and helping with getting the food ready but the dinner doesn’t begin until their vampire friends arrive. Hoyt and his wife Jessica, Arlene and her boyfriend Keith, Adilyn (Andy’s daughter) & Wade (Holly’s son) are still together; even Jane Bodehouse has fallen for a vampire (look at the scene again closely). And it’s also wonderful to see Lettie Mae finally happy and healthy with her husband the good reverend. The question that will be on the minds of Trubies will be the following: Who is the guy Sookie’s with? Like the mystery of the Tootsie Roll Pop – the world may never know.

As it’s shown, there have been many moments in the series finale alone that were very well suited for this blog. Meaning, it definitely made a lasting impression and has made its final mark in television pop culture. Naturally, the reception of the ending was mixed but the actors and producers have honestly said they can’t please everybody. Well fret not True Blood Cast & Crew; I am for one pleased with the ending. Like it was specially gift wrapped with a New Blood red bow.

There is a guarantee that book sales will increase (I have 5 of the 12 books so far) and the pre-orders for the complete DVD/Blue-Ray box set will rapidly build as soon as the offer comes available; I’ll be one of them putting in an order. There will never be another show as attractive as True Blood, they may come close but won’t reach the same level. We Trubies will celebrate a fantasy that this show enhanced for us to embrace even more. With that being said thank you to the wonderfully talented ensemble cast, the creative writers, producers, directors and crew – and again to the author Miss Charlaine Harris. We are eternally grateful and enjoyed doing bad things with you.

The final curtain call for the show was bittersweet. We are grateful for this amazing story told by this amazing cast, writers, producers & crew.

That’s my opinion and everyone is entitled to one.

T. S. Jones


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