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MoonChyld’s Entertainment – True Blood: A Fond Farewell

on August 15, 2014

Thank you all for giving us a reason to stay in on Sunday nights. It will truly missed.

Dear Cast and Crew of True Blood,

I would like to say thank you for bringing a great book series to life (I just started reading them recently) and bringing in an awesome ensemble cast that had the ability to do the same for the characters. For me, and I’m sure a lot of viewers of this amazingly entertaining show, these 7 seasons have been some of the best seen on television. From the actors themselves down to the music in the show; complimenting a song with the title of each episode was genius – I was introduced to Imagine Dragons with the seasons 6 finale!!

As a fan of vampires and werewolves it was refreshing to see a depiction of these beings that while respecting the myth, you added your own twists to it. I liked how the vampires didn’t look too much like death walking around and becoming a diamond studded in the sun like a certain vampire we all know. This was a great drama series and for some a supernatural soap opera that the actors of Dark Shadows (the television show, not the movie) would have been proud of. I knew of the show and heard wonderful things about it but I began watching it just last year with the HBO Go app on my Kindle Fire; I was hooked from the first “Sookie” uttered out of Bill Compton’s mouth. I started in April and was caught up midway into season 6; it was like a good book – I couldn’t put it down.

I thought it was awesome to see Anna Paquin to take on the role of Sookie Stackhouse. Like me, many fans of the X-men films thought it was nice to see her go from one extreme to the other. Meaning she goes from being a person who can absorb another person’s powers (Rouge) and mannerisms to being a person who can hear other people’s thoughts (similar to Jean Grey) and help them unlock memories that are cloudy or blocked. She was very convincing as a bright eyed young woman who was memorized by the people that were also different because she didn’t feel so alone after that. A lot of people can relate to the experience of finding someone who would have a common effect on others who refuse to understand the difference in that person as opposed to learning more about them.

All the characters had something to offer viewers who can somehow relate to them and liked some more than the others if you will. Be it they were reminded of someone they know or once knew, a family member who may have some of the same traits and so on; therein the element of having a favorite character comes in. I would have to say my favorites are Arlene & Lafayette.

Although these two are very different people they are in some ways the same. They both have the ability to speak their minds; they both care about their family as well as their friends and have had some troubles with love. But it looks like that has changed some for them. She was treated with Keith’s blood after she was attacked by Hep-V vamps and slowly has developed feelings for him. Lafayette and James……well I hope that they are and will be happy with each other in the end.

The effects are wonderful as well; I enjoyed how when a vampire is killed they burst like water balloons. In regards to the differences of urban legends of vampires, they aren’t affected by a cross and they can see their reflections in the mirror; I like the silver element a lot. They are however still unable to walk in the daytime, unless of course they drink the blood of a faeire. And I found Bill to be one of the noblest vampires I’ve seen in quite a while.

I’ve also enjoyed the interactions of Eric and Pam – the chemistry was certainly there as characters and actors as well. You can see a lot of respect between the two and how they enjoyed working together. Eric was one of the sexiest bad boy vamps with a heart and Pam was cold to mask hers.

The writing on the show was outstanding as well as the directing. To see the name Angela Robinson pop up on the screen as part of this great show was awesome for me; I remember her work on another great show – the L word on Showtime. This shows that her work is being recognized and she now has another set of fans that will be looking for other works of hers; a great addition to the show.

Allan Ball, Brian Buckner and everyone involved in the show – be it big or small – you have made your marks in a big way in regards to having another hit show that will be added to your lists of respective works. This was a phenomenally creative show that if it weren’t for the brainchild of one Charlaine Harris, we may never have been in awe of the people of Bon Temps. With that being said – a grand thank you to you Charlaine, for sharing your great vision with the world.

We wish all the best to each and everyone of you in your future endeavors. We'll be watching.

We wish all the best to each and everyone of you in your future endeavors. We’ll be watching.

That’s my opinion and everyone is entitled to one.

T. S. Jones


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