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MoonChyld’s Entertainment – True Blood: The Women of Bon Temps

on August 9, 2014

Although we enjoy the men of True Blood – these ladies can give them a run for their money.

It’s been said that behind every great man is a great woman; these ladies emphasize that saying. Through all the madness – supernatural or otherwise – the women of True Blood have managed to persevere and find strength not only within themselves, but with each other. Some have come and gone and came back; others we wished would go away for good – like Violet. But for those that refused to take things as they are and fight are the ones that will be remembered. And remember them we will.

Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie has had more than her fair share of love in her life.

Sookie has had more than her fair share of love in her life.

Sookie was born with the ability to hear people’s thoughts. A trait that made her mother feel indifferent about her; even afraid of her. After her parents died (Warlow killed them), she and her brother Jason lived with their grandmother Adele – they called her Gran. When they got older Jason moved back into the house they grew up in while Sookie stayed with Gran and remained there after she passed away. Gran was murdered by Arlene’s crazy boyfriend Rene because they befriended Bill; his target was actually Sookie.

She made the best of the situations she encountered due to her ability and she had some explosive moments as well – literally and figuratively. Through it all she has been able to maintain however much sanity has left. Sookie wasn’t aware that she was half-faerie (or fae if you will) until Bill brought it to her attention

Tara Thornton

Tara has survived many of heartaches and yet have gained more strength from every experience.

Tara may be Sookie’s BFF but her tongue is just as sharp as vampire fangs. Tara’s life wasn’t one for fairytales either. Like Sookie, her life was pretty rough. Unlike Sookie, her life was rough due to her, Lettie Mae, and the alcohol problem that came with her. When things got too bad Tara always went to the Stackhouse’s knowing they would always be there for her. This would continue on up to her adult life. Her life with her mother shaped her into the mouthy woman we all love. As far as a family connection outside of Sookie & Jason, she has a close relationship with her cousin Lafayette.

Tara’s personal life has been close to non-existent but considering that she couldn’t hold down a job on the count of her mouth would explain a lot. Growing up with Sookie, Tara developed feelings for her best friend’s brother Jason who always treated her like a sister. Things would change when she met Benedict aka Eggs. But thanks to the guilt brought on by his actions while under Maryann’s control, he couldn’t move forward, not even Tara could reach him. Thinking that Sheriff Andy was being threatened, Jason – an officer at the time – shot Eggs. As if that wasn’t enough, she took a bullet for Sookie who was being attacked by Alcide’s ex; Lafayette came in soon after Sookie shot her.

Not ready to let go of a loved one, Sookie and Lafayette plead with a vampire to bring her back by turning her into one of undead; it wasn’t Bill or Eric. It was….

Pam Swynford De Beaufort

Pam is a woman of style in her own category – well she may have some competition from Lafayette.

Another fashionista in Bon Temps and Shreveport for that matter, Eric’s progeny can not only dress but she can give you a look that can be so vague you don’t know whether she likes you or not. What a person will know is when Pam speaks – she means what she says and says what she means. Always presenting herself, despite being dressed to the nines, with a hard stare, there is another side to the former brothel owner. She actually is a caring person but she hides it by being verbally cold.

She is very loyal to her maker Eric and is seem as the voice of reason for him. They have gone through many ups and downs but she knows that in the end he will protect her. Things began to change even more when she turned Tara thus having a progeny of her own. That relationship manifested into something intimate but was at a standstill once Eric fled from the camp. She found him and the last place she expected and infected with the Hep-V virus. She’s a determined woman who will always be there for her maker and find the cure so they can venture out of Louisiana like she would hope. But will they?

Arlene Bellefleur

Arlene may have her hiccups here and there but she has proven to be a genuine friend.

Tara may have a sharp tongue but Arlene is the mouth of the south. She has a spitfire personality and candy apple red hair to match. She is a mother of three who worked at Merlotte’s with Sookie and Lafayette; she’s also been married several times – her last was to Andy’s cousin Terry. Before marrying the former Marine, Arlene was engaged to Rene; the man with a past. Rene was actually a man named Drew Marshall who was killing off people who befriended vampires; including Sookie’s grandmother (he was there to kill Sookie). After he himself was killed, Arlene found out she was pregnant with his child. She feared that the baby would turn out like him and after giving birth was distant to him. It was Terry who helped her to come around and bond with her new son.

Arlene later bought Merlotte’s with the money Terry left her and their family in his insurance policy; she renamed it Bellefleur’s. She also hosted the vampire/human mixer that was ambushed by Hep-V vampires; she was one of the hostages that were taken away. Arlene, along with the remaining hostages, was rescued but not before being fed on and infected by the vamps. While the infection was going through her system, she was able to see Terry one last time before being saved by a healthy vampire named Keith. Now that she is living with the virus and Keith being drawn to her (the feeling seems mutual) Arlene is doing her best to move forward get back to her business. Through it all she did have Sookie and Sam by her side and her best friend….

Holly Cleary

It can be an unanimous agreement that Holly (accepting Andy’s marriage proposal) is the best thing to happen to Andy.

A Wiccan with 2 boys of her own, Holly can empathize with a lot of Arlene’s concerns for her children. She became very close with Arlene when she asked for help to terminate the pregnancy of Rene’s child (see Arlene); the process didn’t work. They did become best friends while working together and being there for each other (Holly somewhat more). It seemed that she came into their lives at the right time; Maryann was in town at the time. With her abilities to conjure up a spell or two she was a big contributor to the sorceress’s demise. She is a strong willed woman, a trait that helps in handling her boys and keeping a certain special someone in line.

She and Andy began dating after the Maryann incident and she has not only been the one who can keep him in line, she is also the one who makes Andy feel like he is needed. The event of birthing his four half-fae daughters was one of remembrance; especially when Andy couldn’t wrap his mind around becoming a father so quickly. She eventually forgave him and was there for him when 3 of his girls were killed (accidentally) by Jessica. After the remaining hostages were rescued at Fangtasia, Andy built up the courage to ask for Holly’s hand in marriage; she happily accepted. Now they face an obstacle together – her son Wade and his daughter Adilyn are missing. They reached out to someone who may be of some help to them…..

Jessica Hamby

Jessica, the novice vamp, has matured and became a wiser vampire that Bill can be proud of.

Jessica was taken against her will and brought to Bill’s hearing; he was on trial for killing another vampire. His sentence was to turn the Christian teenager – she was 18. The start of their relationship was a bumpy one. For starters, she wanted to feed off pretty much any human she saw. Along with that, she is the very first person Bill has ever turned; making the matter of being a maker all the more difficult. He was, with time and effort, able to wean her off the desire to feed off humans and drink TruBlood instead. Their relationship, unlike Eric & Pam’s, is more of a father-daughter one; she stated in her vlog that Bill has been more of a father to her than her own father. While getting a feel of being a vamp, she goes into Merlotte’s and catches the attention of Hoyt Fortenberry. It appeared that they were made for each other but a chance moment with his best friend Jason changed all that.

Although she regrets hurting Hoyt, what she regrets more is killing all 3 of Andy’s daughters; Adilyn survived due to her father getting to Bill’s house just on time. It wasn’t her intention but as it’s known around town, the scent of a faerie is irresistible. That moment shaped her to be a better more conscientious vampire and caused her to withdraw from drinking TruBlood or any blood for that matter. The one other time she fed was when she was in camp and Bill came in and she along with other vamps were feeding off his blood, just as Sara was opening the rooftop to let the sun in with the intent on killing them. It was the camp where she met James, a musician with an interesting factor about him that he didn’t reveal to her. She did find out in a somewhat compromising way – he was sharing a moment with Lafayette. That was a must see moment. Now she’s unexpectedly feuding with Jason’s psychopathic girlfriend Violet; unexpected on her part. Violet has laid claim to Jason and is not about to let anyone – man or woman or even Jessica – get in the way of that. But….there was this one incident between Jason and Jessica that Violet discovered and is now bent on torturous revenge. Hopefully she’ll be ready for it or someone comes to save her in time.

Nicole Wright

In the beginning, Nicole embraced the supernatural citizens in Bon Temps. Now, she’s re-evaluating that feeling.

A member of VUS (Vampire Unity Society), Nicole and a group of her friends – also members – travel to Bon Temps and into Merlotte’s where she meets Sam and explain that their group is one that is fighting for equality for vamps and other supernatural people; Sam being one of them as a shifter. She called him out on that since of course it was viewed on national news. She felt that they deserve the same rights and respect as anyone that town. She and the other VUS members followed Sam to Alcide’s; he was trying to reason with him regarding keeping Luna’s daughter safe. They were attacked and all but Nicole died in the aftermath. In the heat of it all she and Sam became very close to the point of developing a personal connection.

Her mother came into town to get her to come home after finding out what happened; Nicole felt she needed to be there. She stuck to her guns when she was captured, along with her mother, by Alcide’s pack; he wasn’t in on that. Alcide was able to bring them back to Sam and that’s when he picked up on the scent that Nicole was pregnant; Alcide figured it out as well. Nicole stayed in Bon Temps with Sam and her mother went back home. 6 months later, Nicole is showing and is engaged to Sam, the new Mayor of Bon Temps.

She was one of the hostages at Fangtasia that were rescued with Arlene and Holly and wasn’t too pleased with the events or rather one event that happened after that. A party was thrown at Sookie’s house – Lafayette, James, Jackson and Jackson’s girlfriend put it together as a means to celebrate life – and even though she was there she starting seeing the citizens to be as she put it “crazy” and called her soon-to-be-husband “the Mayor of crazy”. Because of the fact that people have died in the previous weeks and felt the party was inappropriate. She now has the intention of leaving Bon Temps with or without Sam. The question now is will he leave with her or stay in the one place he’s called home for so many years?

Honorable Mentions

Nan Flanagan

She may have been tough as nails but Nan was no match for the combination of Bill, Eric and Sookie.

Nan is a spokesperson for the American Vampire League and answers to The Authority regarding matters that are not within the standards of what’s expected of the vampires since coming out of the coffin. She has no regard for excuses and feels that she above a lot of vamps in the community; especially Bill & Eric. She has absolutely no filters when it comes to critiquing them on how they carry themselves. In the beginning she was seen as the face of The Authority while going on different news programs defending vampires and speaking on the positive of them now being out in the open in the world. She always felt strongly about the production of the synthetic blood beverage TruBlood being the means of a guarantee that no harm would come to the human race.

As the show progressed we saw little and little of her but it seems that in a recent flashback, she and Eric – no pun intended – have had some bad blood for years. This would make a lot of sense as to why he despises even the sight of her. Nan wouldn’t last long and it proved to not be in her favor. Becoming even more arrogant and feeling more like she can take on The Authority, she ends her association with both them and the League. With the idea of having Bill and Eric on her side she felt like she would more of a force to be reckoned with; they however declined the offer. So in her true fashion, she threatens Sookie’s life and of course that didn’t bold well with them. The response she received was Eric eliminating her guards and Bill eliminating her; so much for diplomacy.

Marnie Stonebrook

As if her Wiccan powers weren’t enough for her, she embodied the powers of Antonia against her will. And paid a hefty price in the end.

Marnie was a Wiccan like Holly having been in the same coven along with Lafayette’s then boyfriend Jesus. She became possessed by a witch named Antonia who was burned at the steak many years ago and vowed to exact revenge on the descendants of the townspeople. While inhibiting her body Antonia was ready to make good on her vow but Bill had other plans. He sent Eric to take care of her but to no avail as she made him forget not only why he was there but he forgot who he r Pam were. Of course Pam being Pam, she confronted Marnie – not knowing it’s Antonia – about what was done to Eric. In retaliation, she made Pam look worse than Goldie Hawn & Myrle Streep in Death Becomes Her. As you can very well see Pam’s present state, the spell was reversed.

When Antonia began to feel guilty about innocent people being injured at an annual festival she felt it was best for her to cross over but Marnie had other plans. She managed to conjure up a spell to keep her spirit and with it her powers. It didn’t last very long – Bill killed her by gunshot. Of course she didn’t go away quietly as she took the body of Lafayette and through him, killed Jesus for releasing Antonia from her body. She also tried to kill Bill and Eric but Sookie wasn’t having any of that. With the help of Holly and Tara, as well as the spirits of Antonia and Gran, Marnie was released from Lafayette’s body and crossed over at the insistence of the respective spirits.

Luna Garza

Luna could have been the one love of Sam’s life if it weren’t for Russell Edgington & Steve Newlin causing them grief.

Luna was a shifter like Sam; it would be safe to say she earned many points with him just on that. There is a difference though – she can take on the form of another hum like Sam can take the form of an animal. She was a single parent raising her daughter, Emma, who was half werewolf; the father was a wolf who was part of the same pack as Alcide. At first, she was apprehensive about getting close to Sam; this is mostly due to her experiences with the father of her daughter. Despite the fact that they are not together, her ex had a mean jealous streak. It was so extreme – according to Luna – it got to the point that she became overprotective of not just her but her daughter.

There were several instances that escalated her emotions but the turning point for her was when Russell Edgington and Sarah Newlin’s husband Steve kidnapped Emma and brought her to The Authority because all but her grandmother Martha were willing to take V – vampire blood used as a hallucinogenic drug. Luna and Sam implement a plan to somewhat sneak into The Authority and get Emma back. Meaning Luna shifts into the form of Steve and Sam as a fly. And you know what happened after that. The victory of getting Emma back was short-lived; Luna shift was too much for her system and succumb to her abilities. In the end, Martha was able to have custody of Emma and ensured her granddaughter’s safety as she is a true connection to her son.

We will miss the moments of laughter as well as the shocking and jaw-dropping moments the ladies of Bon Temps have given us – especially Arlene personally. These women have shown that they are more than just a bunch of pretty faces; they are fighters and will stop at nothing to keep each other safe. It’s that drive that keeps these women together as friends as well as proud members of that small Louisiana town. It would be safe to say that the sales of corsets have gone up a bit thanks to Pam. Yes, we loved and will miss the men of this great show but let us not forget the women who drive them mad, make them want more and who given them the undeniable need to protect them at all costs. They are definitely a part of television and book pop culture as well. Like the men of this show, we wish the ladies all the best in the projects they will embark on in the future and we look forward to seeing you all continue to do well.

That’s my opinion and everyone is entitled to one.

T. S. Jones


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  1. Gary says:

    Sookie and Jason’s grandmother was Adele, not Francine.

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