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MoonChyld’s Entertainment – True Blood: The Men of Bon Temps

on August 2, 2014

As we come to a close on this phenomenally supernatural show, let’s show some love  to the good old boys of Bon Temps.

In the tone of the song for True Blood – Bad Things by Jace Everet – when Bill Compton came in the air went out. When Sookie and Bill met eyes it was over for the telepathic Merlotte’s waitress and fans around the world. When show runner Alan Ball took a liking to the first book of The Southern Vampire Mysteries, he stated it’s the tagline – “Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend isn’t such a good idea” – made him feel this would be a great show. It wasn’t just great Mr. Ball – it was phenomenal.

Most of us entered the world of Sookie Stackhouse of Bon Temps, Louisiana in 2008 when HBO premiered the show True Blood to the masses; but there were people who read the books already knowing the characters intimately. It seems the casting was spot on and the fans tuned in every Sunday to see the story come to life. This is another combination of boy meets girl, boy and girl are drawn to each other, but boy drinks the blood of the girl and becomes enamored with her & vice versa.

This show can be compared to The Vampire Diaries and the Twilight series but True Blood is in a class all on its own. For the simple fact that they went a step further. Although it has the vampire and werewolf elements, they also have fairies, witches, sorceresses and Lafayette.

For 7 seasons this show has kept people on the edge and some young ladies breathless (they love Eric) with the triangles that Sookie would put herself in; sometimes it was outside of her power. Knowing since she was a little girl that she had the ability to read people’s minds, no matter how ignorant they were, she had another special gift that was passed onto her through a bloodline that is thousands of years old. Over the course of the show we’ve seen some familiar faces and new ones that have played various roles over the course of the show. There was the witch doctor that Lettie Mae felt could rid Tara of “her demons”, the evil goddess Maryann who manipulated the minds of some of the people in that small Louisiana town for her personal gain and Warlow – the fairy-vamp who was determined to marry Sookie and have her all to himself. Of course, who could forget the loyal servant of Eric & Pam whose screams can be heard clear across the galaxy?

Like most good things – True Blood is coming to an end. But before we say goodbye to the unique people on Bon Temps, let’s take a look back and reflect on what we were drawn to like Sookie was to Bill.

The Loves of Sookie Stackhouse

Life as would Sookie would have loved it to be.

Since the vamps “came out of the coffin”, Sookie was intrigued by Bill the first night he came into Merlotte’s asking for a bottle of TruBlood. Not just because he was a vampire; because he was the first person she encountered whose thoughts could not be read. The more she got to know him and his world, the more interesting it became to her. It was something different and wild and she loved it. Theirs was a relationship that would go on and off several times. It can be seen as one of the memorable relationship where they were fighting the feeling they have for each other they’ve broken a sweat a few times.

Eric came into her world – or more like she came into his. Bill escorted her to a club called Fangtasia where Eric runs it with former lover and longtime friend Pam – she’s his progeny. Eric is perceived as more of the smooth talking visually arousing vampire who despite his arrogance is still as sexy as he wants to be. Believe it or not Eric does have a soft spot but he tries very hard to conceal it with his charm.

The one connection she made was one that was well received by a massive collective gasp – which would be with Alcide; it would make some sense. Considering the experiences she’s had with Bill, Eric and even Warlow, she can’t get any worse with a werewolf. After all, he always had a thing for her. They have been happy but you know Sookie….

What’s a girl to do with options like these?

Now besides have many loves in her life there are other men who mean something to Sookie in their special ways. Like most towns with a population of over 50,000, Bon Temps had its fair share of unique members of the opposite sex. Even those that weren’t all there and often times flamboyant were pleasing to eye.

Jason Stackhouse

Deputy Stackhouse takes his job seriously. He's ready to serve and protect the ladies.

Deputy Stackhouse takes his job seriously. He’s ready to serve and protect the ladies.

Sookie’s brother, who was the star of his football team, worked as part of a road crew and became deputy of their hometown. He has had his share of sexual encounters but not one like with his current lady Violet. You would have thought the werepanther girl he was smitten with was off because she allowed her pack to use him like a sperm bank but Violet takes the cake. Over time Jason was seen as a halfwit fly by the handles with a heart. And speaking of his heart – don’t you think that it really belonged to Jessica?

Sam Merlotte

Mayor Merlotte can literally be a fly on the wall if he wants to.

A shifter, Sam spent most of his life looking for a place to call his home and he did just that at Bon Temps. He was the owner and operator of Merlotte’s Bar & Grill (now called Bellefleur’s since Arlene bought it), a place where pretty much anyone off the street can work at. While he did have a thing for Sookie, he had a small fling with her best friend Tara and a short-lived relationship with Luna – another shifter. Just when he thought it couldn’t be done, Sam met his fiancée Nicolle at his bar. This quick connection produced a daughter. But is she willing to stick it out as the First Lady of Bon Temps?

Andy Bellefleur


Only Holly can make Sheriff Andy smile like that.

Andy comes from a well to do family that treats him like the family weirdo. He wasn’t taken very seriously as an officer in the sheriff’s department; possibly due to his reputation as an alcoholic. He managed to change that, became the sheriff and an unexpected father. But it was his children that helped make him a better person; he became an even stronger person when Jessica killed all but one of his daughters – Adilyn. And with Holly at his side he will keep on the positive path.

Terry Bellefleur

Terry was a troubled Marine who found peace and love in a certain fiery redhead.

Terry was Andy’s cousin but they had more of a brotherly bond. Terry was a former Marine who came home feeling lost and afraid to even try to have a life after a tour of duty in Iraq. It was Andy, Sam and Arlene who brought him at out of his shell and it seemed that he was getting an opportunity of having a normal life again. He and Arlene got married and were just starting out on a new start until his life was taken by a fellow soldier. It was a planned situation – Terry was still fighting some demons and felt that his family deserved better. He put out a life insurance policy for himself ensuring Arlene and the kids are taken care of and asked his friend to kill him. Only dilemma with that was he was glamoured by a vampire friend of Holly’s because Arlene just wanted him to have the life he desired and deserved – one without worry and fear of his past. This however caused an issue because it made him forget his planned demise.

Hoyt Fortenberry

In another world, Hoyt would have been happy with Jessica.

In another world, Hoyt would have been happy with Jessica.

Hoyt was Jason’s BFF since before high school. He was one of those momma’s boys type without a choice but to be one. He had an over the top overbearing mother who wouldn’t hesitate to lay a guilt trip on him; especially when it came to a newly made vampire name Jessica Hamby. When Hoyt saw her sitting alone in a booth at Merlotte’s it was all over for him. He cared for her so much that he stood up to his mother and chose to move in with Jessica instead of with her. But it was also Jessica who began to develop feelings for Jason. Feeling that it was the only way to move on, he had a serious sit down with both his best friend and girlfriend. He was so hurt by their actions that he asked Jessica to glamour him so he would forget them and the pain they caused him. However, he was notified by Jason that his mother passed away. He will soon see how much Bon Temps and its people have changed once he returns home.

And last but certainly not least….

Lafayette Reynolds

Lafayette gives it to you straight and to the point. And he puts a little dip in it.

Lafayette gives it to you straight and to the point. And he puts a little dip in it.

If there ever was a man who could be sexually flamboyant, Lafayette would be that man. He is the fashionista of Bon Temps with a heart of gold. Not to mention, a tongue that despite the insult you couldn’t get mad – he is that cool. As a very proud gay man with the attitude and vibe to match, Lafayette makes sure you don’t get it twisted. He may be a little feminine but when push comes to shove he will make sure that you don’t forget that he is a man. For instance, when a customer insulted his cooking he went over and set things straight – no pun intended – as he would only do it. Lafayette is someone who tells it like it is without filters and has a love for his family and friends; especially Sookie and his cousin Tara.

This group of men will always be remembered as strong, funny, courageous, witty and attractive. We’ll miss them and will look forward to the endeavors coming their way as they move on from the show. They will be missed but certainly not forgotten. And if there is ever a moment when you want that True Blood fix, there is HBO on Demand, the HBO Go app and the millions of people who have the DVDs that will be watched over and over again. Not to mention the books; which of course has a bit more detail than the show itself. I for one have the HBO Go app and the first four books – I plan on getting the complete series of course – on my Kindle so I’ll be just fine. I’m sure the pre-ordering of the box set of the complete series will be very profitable as well.

That’s my opinion and everyone is entitled to one.

T. S. Jones


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